Jeera Samba Rice

Alternate / Regional Names : Chawal | Akki

Jeera Samba Rice also known as Jeeraga samba is a very aromatic rice. The grain of the rice is very tiny and it gets its name for its resemblance to Cumin seeds, also called as Seeragam/Jeera in Tamil. It has a very distinct taste, fluffs up well when cooked and south Indian biriyani's are made with this rice.
The tiny-grained seeraga samba gets its name from its resemblance to cumin, which is known as seeragam or seera in Tamil Nadu and is the most expensive rice grown in that southern India state. Seeraga samba is an ingredient in kushka, ghee rice, mixed vegetable rice and in many traditional Indian dishes.
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No Preservatives Used.


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