Thatti Recipe

Cooking tips for Thatti
Step 1: Take ½ cup of Sri Bhagyalakshmi Fried Gram and 1 cup of sieved rice flour and 1 tablespoon of urad dal powder.
Step 2: Add chilli powder, asafoetida, butter and salt to the flour. Mix well and add little water slowly and make the dough. Take little dough and put it in on a greased plastic sheet.
Step 3: Make it into a thattai by patting it and make it thin and round. Prick it with a fork in two or three places, so that it remains flat when it is fried.
Step 4: Take a deep pan and heat oil in it. When oil is hot, put one round thattai in it and fry till it become golden brown and crisp. When Thattai cools down store it in an airtight container.

Notes :

Ideal preparation time is about 15 minutes.
Ideal cooking time is about 5 minutes.
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