Phulka Recipe

To make Phulka using Sri Bhagyalakshmi Atta –
Step1: Take 2 cups of Sri Bhagyalakshmi Premium Atta and salt (As desired) and oil.
Step2: Add little water and mix the flour to make a soft dough. Knead well for 10 minutes to make a smooth dough. Cover the dough with a cloth and rest it for 30 minutes.
Step3: Make the dough into small balls and gently roll out the doughs into round and flat chapatis about 5 inches in diameter.
Step4: Heat a pan and place the rolled out roti on the pan. Fry both the sides till bubbles start popping. And then put the roti directly on the high flame. The Roti will fluff up or bloat like a puri. Flip or turn it around for the other side to fry well and allow it to fluff and then serve it on a plate with butter or ghee.

Notes :

Ideal preparation time is about 40 minutes.
Ideal cooking time is about 3 to 4 minutes.
Choose Sri Bhagyalakshmi Foods Premium Wheat Atta to prepare fluffy Phulkas.

Why Choose Wheat Durum Atta from Sri Bhagyalakshmi Foods

Sri Bhagyalakshmi Atta uses Durum or Hard wheats which have a high gluten content, that provides elasticity, so doughs made out of atta flour are strong and can be rolled out very thin for roti, pasta, etc.
1. Sorted cleaned Atta for best quality and hassle-free cooking and impressive health benefits.
2. On cooking, the Sri Bhagyalakshmi Atta releases an aromatic flavour and exudes sweetness.
3. State-of-the-art Wheat processing and milling plant that preserves the natural goodness of the Durum Wheat.
4. Standardisation in procuring, processing and packing, leading to superior quality products
5. Packed in hygienic conditions using automated equipment
6. Packaged using superior quality bags for better handling, storage and ease of transportation
7.Contract farming with excellent back-end integration, leading to consistency in quality
8.Excellent supply chain management to meet market demands