Kabuli Channa

Alternate / Regional Names : White Chick Peas | Chole| Chick Peas

Kabuli Channa is popularly known as Chickpea or Bengal gram. The seeds are high in protein. Garbanzo Beans common in Mediterranean diet found in two varieties, the small dark skinned beans known as desi channa and large white skinned beans known as Kabuli Channa is nutty in taste and smooth texture when cooked.
Sri Bhagyalakshmi Foods procures the best quality, High Value Kabuli Channa from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra though it originated from Kabul in Afghanistan and was later introduced in India.
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Sri Bhagyalakshmi dehydrated Kabuli Channa is Sortex cleaned and packaged hygienically.
Sri Bhagyalakshmi Kabuli Channa is available in eco-friendly vacuum bags of 5Kg, 10Kg, 25Kg in variants to suit customers of different industries.
No Preservatives Used.


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