Nyagatare Agro Ventures Rwanda Pvt. Ltd., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nyagatare Agro Ventures (India) Pvt. Ltd., which was established in 2012 in Rwanda, in Southeast Africa. This company is focusing on large scale paddy farming, establishment of Rice mills and Maize processing in Rwanda.


With co-operation from the Rwandan Government, Nyagatare Agro Ventures Rwanda is cultivating over 700 acres of fertile agricultural land with 4 varieties of paddy, mostly suitable for local consumption.
The Rwandan Government has recognised the developments and is projecting this as a model for other farmers to follow suit.


This company is also empowering the farmers in Africa with leasing of agricultural equipments, which otherwise was not affordable by the local farmers.
The mechanised farming by Nyagatare has motivated the local farmers to upscale their farming and also to implement the new-age farming techniques with support from Nyagatare.


SBTC construction under the aegis of NYAGATARE Agro ventures Rwanda Ltd has ventured into granite crusher for providing building materials to local construction companies.
The company has also ventured into construction contracts for the development of local projects. In addition the company also conducts trading business.