Over decades of experience, Sri Bhagyalakshmi Foods has refined the processes in food supply chain management, to overcome time-losses, ensuring quick, easy and hassle-free delivery to the distribution network, resulting in availability of food products at all the outlets and also providing reach to remote areas. Supply chain plays significant role in the food industry, as time-to-market is critical. Food processing industry is reinventing it’s food supply chain model, to reduce the time taken with respect to reach-to-the-consumer, as the online commerce is competing with the traditional Kirana outlets and the new-age supermarkets.

Sri Bhagyalakshmi Foods is constantly evolving it’s food supply chain model and is fully-equipped with a company-owned, dedicated fleet of 70 cargo vehicles, ranging from 3-wheelers to 12-wheelers to cater to any quantity of food supply and to ensure highest standards in logistics, resulting in effective food supply chain management and overall customer delight.

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