Food Industry in India

Visionary Leader

Shri. B S Amaranarayana Gupta, was a visionary leader in the food industry in India with an intention to serve millions of people with quality food products. His passion to create a firm footing for the growth of an food industry empire that is proud not only to be a pioneer in food processing, but also boasts of a grand portfolio of over 40 food products, rendering services to markets across South India, spanning over six decades.

Shri. B S Amaranarayana Gupta envisaged the need for quality food processing owing to the increasing urbanisation and the demand for food products of the new-age consumers. Sri Bhagyalakshmi Foods has a rare distinction of starting a food industry, a Rice mill during the pre-independence era, and then progressed on to processing Wheat, Cereals and Pulses, leading the way for the next generation of entrepreneurs to expand the business horizon.
Food industries in India have evolved from being a simple, manual system of food processing to mechanised systems of food processing.
Traditionally food industries were nothing but families of farmers and workers who would process, clean and pack food grains and dispatch it to local markets or sell it to traders of food products.
In the last few decades, food industries in India emerged based on the potential of agronomy and also on the vast expanding export market for food products.
The first advancement in food processing industry was the invention and adoption of the rice mills. Farmers slowing grew to become a comprehensive food industry, as they adopted these technologies. If farmers didn’t have the passion or the know-how, they gave in to entrepreneurs who had the appetite to take risks and established food industries, basically with milling units.
The 21st century has dawned the opportunity for conventional food industries to scale to variable proportions, as the needs and demands of consumers with respect to food products have increased exponentially.
Sri Bhagyalakshmi Foods being a pioneer in the food industry in India, with a visionary leader had the distinctive edge to adopt the technologies and scale to meet the expectations of consumers, not only in India, but also globally.
Food industries are currently facing multitude of challenges, as cities are fast expanding, posing severe logistic challenges to food industries in india, in addition to infrastructure issues.
Govt of India is in the process of establishing food parks, inviting the food industries in India to set up food processing units, food packing units, agro product manufacturing units, and food products export oriented units.

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