Food Processing Industry

Sri Bhagyalakshmi Foods is one of the leading food processing industries in India and has been a pioneer in food processing for over 6 decades.
The company has set up multiple food processing units, which are state-of-the-art to cater to  the dynamically evolving food industry in India.
Food industry in India is experiencing a paradigm shift, as many corporates and big brands are venturing into the food products domain. Many companies are mostly into either trading of food products are simply into retailing of foods / food products, which is one of the fasted growing, economically viable segments today.
Processed food products or agro products is one of the food industries, wherein only traditional players have been able to sustain and grow, owing to various risks and challenges.
Food processing industries are now looking at moving to food parks, considering the long-term vision and the Governments plan to set up large scale food parks at strategic locations in India.
Over the next few years food processing industries and Food products manufacturing, including beverages,ready-to-eat food products and foods, will be supported by the Government and monitored closely to reign in standards that are in par with the western countries.
Food industries in India have seen a surge in exports of processed food products and foods, which is empowering the food processing units to invest in technology for food processing, food packing, food storage and logistics, enabling them to compete globally.
Sri Bhagyalakshmi Foods has also forayed into exports of food products through a dedicated food processing unit in Mumbai, exclusively to cater to the overseas clientele. The Food products are processed and packed using advanced food processing and packing equipments. This food processing unit in Mumbai is also equipped with storage facilities to manage the inventory for the increasing demands of the overseas markets.
Amongst the many agro and food processing industries, Sri Bhagyalakshmi Foods is the only one of it’s kind where many food products are processed and packed using advanced equipments,making the foods not only hygienic but also long-lasting.
The consistency in quality of food products is achieved through an excellent back-end integration with famers / suppliers. It is very critical in the Food industry to ensure the quality of raw materials is not compromised and also the quality is consistent, owing to a large customer base for Sri Bhagyalakshmi’s Food products, who have been patronising the brand of foods since decades.
Sri Bhagyalaksmi Foods has invested in a comprehensive food lab, for testing both raw materials and processed food products. The testing lab is equipped to check the raw paddy using a miniature rice mill, which is uncommon in Indian food processing industries.
The lab also has testing equipments to test consistency of the flours and the moisture retaining ability of the flours.
The testing lab is managed by qualified and experienced food technologists, with focus on enhancing the quality of food products processed at the food processing industries.
The company has been processing and packing over 40 products, in addition to another 40 food products that are sourced and traded to support comprehensive needs of customers, including Cereals, Pulses, Flours, Sooji / Semolina and Sugar. The list of food products include varieties of Rice - raw rice (sona masoori, Jeera sambar, Matta rice, Ponni rice),
boiled rice, steamed rice, basmati, wheat, wheat flour, Atta,Chakki Atta, Ragi, Ragi Flour, Gram Dhal, Gram Flour, Bengal Gram, Maida, Rice Flour, Thin Rice Flakes. Thick Rice Flakes, Maize, Maize flakes, Green Peas, Toor Dhal, Green Gram, Moong Dal, Urad Dal,Kabooli Channa, Kala Masoor, Fried Gram, White peas, Sugar, and Savoury Flavour Mix.
Over the next few years, Sri Bhagyalakshmi Foods will also foray into ready-to-eat products, spices and wholesome foods, with the advantage of having the ability to source, process, pack and market the foodproducts independently, which is unparalleled in the food processing industries in india.
Sri Bhagyalakshmi Foods is also in the process of establishing a state-of-the-art food park in the outskirts of Bangalore, wherein all the food processing units will be housed within one campus, with complete food processing and food packing operations managed through automation.

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