Food Industry

Sri Bhagyalakshmi Foods is a fourth generation Food industry specialising in the processing and supply of a large variety of food grains,flour and pulses to distributors, large retailers, Hotels, Restaurants, Caterers, branded supermarkets and to wholesalers. Traditionally in India Food industry has been mostly operated by families or individuals, who were either into agriculture or the the family was into agriculture. However, during the last couple of decades, corporates have ventured into the food industry in India, brining about a seachange in the approach to food processing, and marketing, posing a challenge to traditional players.

With an excellent distribution network, Sri Bhagyalakshmi Foods has significant retail presence in the food industry in South India, with an aspiration to scale nationwide. Food Industry in India has been growing at very face pace and the demand for quality food products has surged. Food Industry in India is experiencing a transformation with innovative methods of food processing, packing and retailing, resulting in the benefits to consumers who have a choice today.

Owing to the legacy, stringent quality standards in food processing and relationship management, Sri Bhagyalakshmi Foods has earned its position as the most sought after brand in the food industry in india by consumers, restaurateurs and retailers alike. It has also the rare distinction of being only Food Industries in India who are a turnkey unit with respect to food processing.

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