Gram Flour

Alternate / Regional Names : Besan

Bengal gram flour is used in preparation of a variety of foods / snacks in most parts of India, including sweets (desserts), savouries and snacks, including the favourite Laddus, Dhoklas, Bhajji’s or Bhajia’s, Farsan, Bhujia, and many more.
In addition to the health benefits, Gram Flour or Besan is also a beauty enhancing ingredient, which is a traditional practice in India.
From Facial packs to reduce skin Tan, to treat Pimples, to treat oily skin, to make the skin blemish-free, Gram Flour works wonders. It is widely use to cleanse the skin and exfoliate the skin as a natural method of skin treatment.
The gram flour is also used in haircare, especially as a key ingredient in making the hair healthy and long. Gram Flour is also used in facial treatments as a scrub and also to remove unwanted facial hair.
Traditionally the gram flour has been used as a body scrub and also as a hair wash, which continues to be a good practice even today in Indian households.
The premium quality yield of Bengal gram crop is procured immediately when harvested from good farm management practice ware-houses and is sent to the company owned state-of-the-art milling house for grinding into superior, fine quality Sri Bhagyalakshmi Besan consistently for the past 6 decades. Bengal gram flour has been the flagship product of Sri Bhagyalakshmi Foods for over decade, resulting in becoming the market leader consistently year-after-year.
Sri Bhagyalakshmi Foods Bengal gram flour is patronised by instituons, caterers, restaurants, and end consumers alike, owing to the consistency in quality and nutrition content of the product. Bengal gram flour product has been the flagship product as a result of stringent quality processes implemented in the selection of raw materials, processing of Bengal grams and hygienic packing, handling till date.
Sri Bhagyalakshmi Foods supplies to the world over the finest Sri Bhagyalakshmi Besan Sortex cleaned and premium quality packaged. It is available in eco-friendly hygiene bags of 5Kg, 10Kg, 25Kg variants to suit customers of different industries.
No Preservatives Used.


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