Basmati rice

Alternate / Regional Names : Chawal | Akki

Sri Bhagyalakshmi Foods procures 100% Superior, Premium quality Basmati Rice from states of UP, Punjab, Haryana, HP, MP and Bihar region, the heart of Basmati rice growing North-Western part of India.
The highest and most superior quality of Basmati rice is procured when harvested and is allowed to age in a very conducive well-equipped store-house for more than a year.
Sri Bhagyalakshmi Foods has pioneered in supplying the best, aged, elongated and aromatic rice, a characteristic feature of Sri Bhagyalakshmi premium quality Basmati grains, proven to be the tastiest and most delicious rice for the past six decades.
Sri Bhagyalakshmi Foods supplies to the world over the finest Basmati rice that which contains less starch so that grains are drier and separate from each other when cooked.
Premium quality Refined procured by Sri Bhagyalakshmi Foods is processed in company owned state-of-the-art rice milling plant and also preserved the natural goodness of the paddy.
Premium Sri Bhagyalakshmi Basmati Rice is Sortex cleaned and premium quality packaging is used and is available in eco-friendly hygiene bags of 5Kg, 10Kg, 25Kg variants to suit customers of different industries.
No Preservatives Used.
For over four decades, Sri Bhagyalakshmi Foods has been specialising in Rice Milling, Rice Processing, Wholesale trading of Rice, Bulk Sales of Rice and bulk supply of Rice to leading institutions, IT campuses and to large retail brands, supermarket chains and Kirana Stores in South India.
Sri Bhagyalakshmi Foods also has expanded it’s business overseas through the export business, by exporting Rice and Rice products, including Basmati Rice, Ponni Rice, Sonamasoori Rice, Jeera Sambar Rice, Matta Rice,steamed Rice, Boiled Rice and Kerala Red Rice.


Basmati rice is commonly used in Pulav, Biryani, Mexican rice, Rice Kheer, etc.

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